Virtual Group Mentorship to Scale Your Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

A proven approach to mentorship that builds brand, engages colleagues and attracts underrepresented talent.
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increase retention Improve Retention
build diverse underrepresented talent pipelines Save Time
retain diverse talent Enhance Corporate Culture
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Achieving your Diversity & Inclusion Goals Shouldn’t be Hard

Your colleagues don’t have to feel isolated. Your company doesn’t have to miss opportunities to attract amazing diverse talent.

Our customers no longer worry about ERG member engagement, attracting amazing underrepresented talent, or measuring ROI.

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The Community

Ideal for roles in Software Engineering, Customer Success, Inside Sales and Digital Marketing.


Active Students and Recent Alumni


Historically Black Colleges & Universities


Traditional Universities

How It Works

Designed for professionals with little bandwidth.

Identify Ambassadors

Give ERG members the opportunity to mentor underrepresented talent.

Develop Relationships

Mentors answer questions in career interest-based spaces designed to elevate your employer brand.

Get Candidate Referrals

When job requisitions are available, mentors are able to easily refer promising candidates.

Our Promise to You

At Mentor Spaces, we know you want to be a leader in Diversity and Inclusion and an impactful ambassador for your company. In order to do that, you need to pursue partnerships that save you time and money, while maximizing your ability to attract, retain and develop underrepresented talent... Read more

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