Easily Attract, Hire & Retain Diverse Talent

We cultivate pipelines by facilitating career conversations between your employees and prospective underrepresented candidates.

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Cultivate Diverse Pipelines

Target jobs and internships while generating employer brand awareness.

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Improve Social Responsibility

Connect employees with emerging professionals to provide career guidance.

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Enhance Existing Partnerships

Support university partners and nonprofit support orgs by directly impacting the next generation of diverse talent.

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We address the network gap

LinkedIn’s research shows that where we grow up, schools we attend, and the places we work, provide a 12X advantage in gaining access to professional opportunities.

Our mentorship platform facilitates career conversations between your ERG members and prospective candidates to help them advance their careers.

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Value drivers we support

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Improved hiring effectiveness

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Reduced turnover

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Reduced recruiting spend

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Reduced time to fill open positions

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Increased successor promotion

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Improved brand awareness & employee engagement

How it works

Increase employee retention by more than 30 percent, reduce administrative effort and talent sourcing time by 50 percent, and increase employee engagement and sense of belonging.

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We establish your mentoring program goals, key audiences, and success measures for engagement.

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We onboard & train mentors from your organization to through live sessions, how-to guides and ongoing newsletters.

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We facilitate conversations among your employees and community members through group mentoring sessions and 1:1 introductions.

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We generate employer brand awareness, deliver relevant candidates, and provide employee engagement and satisfaction analytics.

We help you support existing university partners and nonprofit support orgs by directly impacting the next generation of diverse talent.

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Help develop tomorrow’s leaders today. Help build more inclusive corporate environments.

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