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We exist to give underrepresented professionals a community that unlocks opportunities

As the leading mentorship community for historically marginalized talent, we facilitate conversations between mentors and mentees aligned to career interests and goals.

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Advance Your Career

We foster a "give, get, and grow" mentorship culture that builds tangible career currency for our mentors and mentees.

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Build diverse pipelines through mentorship

Cultivate relationships with underrepresented talent before and after formal recruiting events.

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Engage your community. Amplify your impact.

With our university and nonprofit partners, we represent the largest mentorship community of high-performing underrepresented students and professionals.


We deliver an ecosystem of community-driven mentorship opportunities

Conversation first

Revolutionary things can happen when two people open a line of communication. Our platform empowers a community of mentors and mentees to advance their growth through conversation and shared experiences.

Company hosted learning events

We cultivate pipelines by facilitating career conversations between your employees and prospective underrepresented candidates. Our platform can host group messaging before and after real time virtual events for you to share career development & job spotlights.

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Special interest groups & community building

LinkedIn’s research shows that where we grow up, schools we attend, and the places we work, provide a 12X advantage in gaining access to professional opportunities. Our mentorship platform facilitates career conversations between your ERG members and prospective candidates to help them navigate their career path. Leverage our flexible communities to focus your conversations with members who align most with your opportunities.

Comprehensive mentorship platform

Our leading mentorship platform offers the best technology to support quality mentorship matches and methods for connection.

● Intelligent mentor / mentee matching

● Alignment on career goals and experience

● Live video calls within the app

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What our members have to say

When I saw Mentor Spaces, I thought: “It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to give back.” I have experienced many challenges as an entrepreneur and this community gives me an opportunity to share my lived experiences with those looking for career advice or inspiration to pursue a business idea.

Leslie Fisher

Founder, L2Diversity

You feel like you’re in the same room with your mentors. They helped me identify my strengths and how to use them. I received years of knowledge in a single conversation. It has made a huge impact on me and my self esteem. I can see where I'm going now.

Valden Williams

Student, Capella University

My mentor made me see that I was overcomplicating my fears and that I had to go back to some of the basics to find my strategic goals. I saw that I had a lot of homework that I got on with right away. The results exceeded my expectations.

Howard Gainer

MBA Grad & Ph. D. Candidate, Walden University

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